Calf Stretches - Achilles Healers
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Calf Stretches

3 Types of Calf and Achilles Tendon Stretch – Taking the toes into dorsi flexion will accentuate the calf stretch, lengthening the achilles tendon, breaking down adhesions and realigning muscle fibres. Dorsi flexion also stretches the plantar fascia and gives a much more intense lengthening of the soleus fibres into the achilles tendon.

Pro Stretch Plus – great for working on plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, heel pain as mell as stretching the calves, hamstrings and tibialis anterior muscles. Available to buy from

Dynamic Calf Warm-Up For Running

James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution ( shares one of our favourite running warm-up exercises to prepare your calves, achilles tendons, plantar fascia and whole ankle / foot region, ready to run.



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