Neck Stretches

Massage and Stretching exercises for Omohyoid and Scalenes with Nerve Adhesion – Sometimes the Supra Clavicular Nerves will become bound by fascia with the muscle tissue of the Scalenes and the Omohyoid.


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Shoulder Stretches

Breaking down adhesions in the Coracobrachialis with fixed arm Elbow Rotations – If you have trouble getting the palm of your hand behind your back then your tendons are probably tight at the front of your shoulder.


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Thoracic Extension Exercises

Brugger Stretch – great for stretching out the pectoralis muscles and the flexor tendons in the arm. Also great for strengthening mid-back (thoracic muscles).


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Hip Flexor

2 Hip Flexor Stretches – Hip Flexors can get tight if you sit for long periods at work or if you drive for a living. Tight hip flexors inhibit hip extension, and can cause the pelvis to go into an anterior tilt.


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Slump Stretch

Sometimes the sciatic nerve becomes entwined between fascia and dysfunctional muscle tissue. A great stretch to unwind the nerve from fascial restrictions is the Slump Stretch.


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Gluteal Stretches

Tightness in the Glute Max can cause external rotation of the femur. Tightness and dysfunction in the Glute medius is common due to overuse, as it is a hip stabiliser.


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Adductor Stretches

Adductor, Gracilis, Sartorius, Vastus medialis and inside of Thigh roller stretches – If you suffer with fascial adhesions in your adductor muscles, gracilis, vastus medialis, sartorius, semimembranosus or semitendinosus muscles, then try some side lying stretches using a foam roller (or larger massage ball).


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Calf Stretches

3 Types of Calf and Achilles Tendon Stretch – Taking the toes into dorsi-flexion will accentuate the calf stretch, lengthening the achilles tendon, breaking down adhesions and realigning muscle fibres.


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