Video Consultation

Video Consultations

During the Covid-19 Lockdown and until such time that hands-on therapy is permitted, I will be offering Video Consultations.


These sessions will consist of a 30 minute multi-camera video tutorial via Zoom (or other video App of your choice) followed by a further 30 minute aftercare package of a copy of the Zoom recording, e-mails and WhatsApp messages providing advice, links to exercises, stretches and self-massage techniques to help speed up your rehabilitation.

Multiple Options for Video Call Consultations

I will offer you the option of recording the video consultation (with your consent) and sending a copy of the Zoom video via a link on a free file sharing service such as WeTransfer.


If you prefer, you can use FaceTime, WhatsApp Video or the Facebook Messenger Video App rather than Zoom for the Video Consultation, although this will just be a one-on-one Video Call (rather than a multi-camera view which could be recorded on Zoom).

Available Worldwide

Open 7 days a week

Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm GMT (BST+1)

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm GMT (BST+1)

What to do

  • Make An Appointment
  • (provide your e-mail address and mobile phone number)
  • Download A Consent Form (either in PDF or Word format)
  • Complete The Consent Form
  • Take a copy (Scan / Photo) of the Consent Form
  • Send it to [email protected] or via WhatsApp to 07825441744
  • Make Payment of £25 – (I will send an Invoice / my bank info for a Bank Transfer)
  • Download Zoom Application before the Consultation
  • (or let me know which Video App you want us to use)
  • I will send you a Zoom meeting Invitation code & password
  • Set yourself a reminder for your appointment
  • Prepare a suitable space to watch the tutorial video consultation
  • Ideally, use a laptop or a phone tripod so you are hands-free
  • Wear clothing that allows easy access to the injury / ailment
Watch Video Consultation on YouTube
Self Massage Technique
Four Camera Angles
Lat Dorsi Self Massage
We accept Visa and Mastercard
Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or via Invoice
(link will be sent via SumUp banking App).

£25 for a 60 minute session

30 minute Video Tutorial plus 30 minutes of Aftercare follow-up advice

Advice from an experienced therapist


I have been working full time as a Sports Therapist for the last 5 years. I am a level 5 Advanced Clinical Sports Therapist, working in clinic as well as in people’s homes and at events.

I have over 250 5-Star Reviews on Google, Yell and Facebook.

I will coach you on how you can reduce your specific pain with one-on-one tuition and follow up with practical advice regarding your rehabilitation.

Why book a Video Consultation Appointment?


I will be able to give practical advice and visual coaching in real-time so that you (or your partner) will be able to treat your ailment.

Muscle, Nerve or Joint Pain

Self-Massage Techniques

Using Equipment to Self-Treat

Therapy options such as Heat/Cold & application safety

Aftercare Advice

Follow Up e-mails and messages with Video Links

Exercises, Stretches and Strength Training tips


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