Calf Stretches, Ankle and Knee Rehab

3 Types of Calf Stretches and Achilles Tendon Stretch – Taking the toes into dorsi flexion will accentuate the calf stretches, lengthening the achilles tendon, breaking down adhesions and realigning muscle fibres. Dorsi-flexion also stretches the plantar fascia and gives a much more intense lengthening of the soleus fibres into the achilles tendon.

Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation Potocol

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Use a tennis ball on a foam block to massage your calf muscles. By raising the height of the ball you can apply more pressure into the muscle than when the ball is on the floor. You can roll the ball over the muscle tissue or hold it in place to apply “trigger point” pressure and by resting your opposite leg on your ankle will add weight and more pressure through the calf into the ball. This exercise helps to break down scar tissue and elongate tight, short fibres. A week after a grade 1 calf strain, use this massage technique to increase blood flow, break down scar tissue and help to speed up the rehabilitation period.

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Dynamic Calf Warm-Up For Running

James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution ( shares one of our favourite running warm-up exercises to prepare your calves, achilles tendons, plantar fascia and whole ankle / foot region, ready to run. A better way to do your pre-run calf stretches!

You can massage the muscles in your shin by using a tennis ball on top of a foam block. Place the block on the floor and the ball on top. Go on to all fours and place your shin on to the ball. Slowly roll the ball over the muscle tissue by flexing and extending your hip. If you feel that more pressure is required, place your opposite leg on to your Achilles’ tendon and balance your shin on the ball. Shin muscles can get tight after long runs, hill climbing, weighted lunges and sports such as ten pin bowling.

Ice Bucket Treatment 

Great for treating Achilles Tendinitis, Sprained Ankles and Plantar Fasciitis. Use this twice a day for 6 to 8 minutes for reducing inflammation and swelling in the ligaments and tendons of the foot.

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