Gluteal Stretches

Gluteal Stretches for Glute Max, Glute Medius & Piriformis


Tightness in the Glute Max can cause external rotation of the femur. Tightness and dysfunction in the Glute medius is common due to overuse, as it is a hip stabiliser. Tightness in the Piriformis can cause issues with the sciatic nerve. Try these gluteal stretches to loosen up the area and allow freedom of movement in the hip.

Self Massage for Glute Max, Glute Medius & Piriformis


This self massage exercise can be used in conjunction with other stretches to help loosen tight muscle fibres in your glutes and piriformis.

Make sure you are sitting on a firm surface so that pressure from the tennis ball is transferred into your muscle tissue. Balance using your forearms and opposite foot, and gently apply pressure through the glute into the ball.

You may find that flexing your knee and hip during the exercise will help to floss the muscle fibres over the top of the ball. This helps to remove fascial adhesions, increase bloodflow, lengthen muscle fibres and reduce tension & pain in the area.

If you’ve had a heavy session in the gym or have been on a long run, then this self-massage technique will help reduce tension in tight glute muscles.

Try these gluteal self-massage exercises to help loosen up the area and allow freedom of movement in the hip as well as reducing tension in the lower back.



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