Treatments In Clinic

Treatments In Clinic

I am available for treatments in clinic at my Whitefield premises

Sports Therapy & Massage Appointments are available both for treatmnts in clinic at 30 Bradshaw Avenue, Whitefield as well as Home Visits

Links to Documents and Forms

Consultation Form


PDF – New Clients Consultation Form (PDF)  (new clients)

Word – New Clients Consultation Form (Word)  (new clients)


Risk Assessment for Achilles Healers Sports Therapy (PDF)

Home Visits

Before You Visit The Clinic

Your Temperature / Symptoms

Before you leave your home, please check if you have a temperature or feel unwell, and consider if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms. If yes to any of those questions, please call me to postpone or cancel your appointment.

First Visit (Treatments In Clinic)

If you are a first-time client a consultation form will need to be completed. I will send links via WhatsApp , Text, and Email to you for completion prior to the visit. (View PDF) or (Download Word version)

Existing Clients

If you are an existing client there will be a continuation sheet to sign confirming any update to your medical health since your last visit.

Client Consent and Declaration Forms

Documents scanned and sent via e-mail

The consultation form can be signed & brought on the day or preferably scanned/photographed & emailed to me beforehand.


Face Masks – These are optional and you can wear a mask during treatment if you prefer.




Please contact me to postpone your massage until your symptoms have completely disappeared.


What to do and how to prepare

Clothing – Please bring a pair of shorts to wear if your require treatment on your legs. For upper-body treatments for females, please wear a standard clip-bra whenever possible. Please wear easy to remove clothes. You will be given a container in which to put them when you undress.

Leave large coats and bags in the boot of your car where at all possible.


Remove Jewellery at home – Please avoid wearing jewellery as this makes the process simpler.


When you arrive, you will:

  • Be required to take off your shoes and place them in a box.
  • Sanitise your hands with alcohol hand sanitiser.
  • Walk to the practice room without touching anything other than the stairs handrail


In the treatment room:

  • Cushions, soft furnishings and all non-essential items have been removed.
  • All surfaces are wipe clean PVC.
  • The massage table and face cradle will have been thoroughly disinfected and covered with paper towel and disposable covers.
  • Towels / linens are all clean, (single use)
  • The therapist will be using personal protective equipment when necessary.
  • There will be a plastic box with a lid for you to store your clothes, personal items, water bottle etc (which is sanitised after every client.
  • When the treatment/massage is over, please leave all the linens and towels on the couch.

Precautions Implemented


  • The treatment room will be ventilated between appointments, but also during treatment if outside temperatures allow.
  • There is a fan at the window to increase ventilation in the treatment room and thereby reduce the risk of exposure to flu viruses. (View Here)
  • The couch is now set up in the room so that your head is closer to the (open) window.

Toilet / Washroom

  • You can use the toilet / washroom if you require (but please try to go at home prior to your appointment if possible).
  • Hand washing facilities include pump action soap and a foot-pedal bin to dispose of the paper towels.


  • Payment should, where possible, be made prior to the appointment via Direct Bank Transfer or you can pay by cash or card in clinic.
  • I have a contactless payment terminal to take card payments on the day if required.


  • There will be an approximate 25-minute gap between clients, to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table and equipment, hallways and bathrooms etc, with enough time to dry and take effect.
  • The room will be ventilated between clients and also at the end of each day.
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We accept Visa and Mastercard
Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cash or Card, Phone & Contactless

Treatments In Clinic – £50 for a Package of

  • 55 minute Hands-On Treatment
  • & Email & WhatsApp Aftercare Advice

(* First Visit £50, follow up sessions £45)

£70 for Home Visit (within 10 miles or 30 minutes of M45 7TD)

Advice from an experienced therapist


I’ve been working full time as a Sports Therapist since 2014 and have a level 5 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy, working in clinic as well as in people’s homes and at sporting events.

Over 280 5-Star Reviews on Google, Bark, Yell and Facebook.

I will coach you on how you can reduce your specific pain with one-on-one tuition and follow up with practical advice regarding your rehabilitation.

Richard Daley

Why book a Consultation & Appointment?


I will be able to discuss your condition, provide hands-on therapy, and also give practical advice and visual coaching so that you will be able to treat your ailment in between therapy.

Muscle, Nerve or Joint Pain

Hands-On Therapy when clinically justified

Self-Massage Techniques

Using Equipment to Self-Treat

Therapy options such as Heat/Cold & application safety

Aftercare Advice

Follow Up e-mails and messages with Video Links

Exercises, Stretches and Strength Training tips

Treatments In Clinic (or in the comfort of your own home)


Please Call To Make An Appointment

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