First Treatment

Initial injury consultation & first treatment

During your initial appointment at Achilles Healers in Whitefield, new clients will be required to have a brief consultation. You can save some time by filling in a consent form before your appointment. It is imperative to establish any current health issues and/or underlying medical conditions prior to commencing hands-on treatment. During this session a subjective consent form will be completed, along with a brief physical assessment. Therapy and massage can begin during this treatment session (subject to no contra-massage indications). From this session, a treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s functional, occupational and/or sport specific fitness. This might include a program of stretches, exercises and recommendations to consider, with an idea as to where treatment is headed.

Injury Follow-up session


At the start of every injury follow-up session with Achilles Healers, you will be asked a few questions with regards to any improvements made, new complaints and any positive or negative reactions to the previous treatment. This should usually only take a matter of five minutes, but is essential to ensure that the treatment and rehabilitation plan is best suited to the individual.


Sports massage treatment


You don’t need to be injured to make an appointment with Achilles Healers. If you just need a massage treatment to loosen off tight muscles then feel free to give us a call.


Mobile Service Available
£20 Extra up to 10 mile radius of Whitefield. Call for a quotation if further afield.

We accept Visa and Mastercard

Same day treatment


If you’ve suffered an injury and need immediate treatment, please call me and I will try to accommodate you on the same day.

However, if you just need a general massage, sports therapy massage, kinesio taping, strapping of an injury before a game, give Achilles Healers Sports Therapy (Whitefield) a call.


What clothing to wear


During the sports therapy treatment it is preferable that you wear a pair of shorts (and for females a standard-fixing bra) to improve access to the whole body. This allows for a clearer visual postural assessment and for treatment of the thoracic spine during palpation. Large towels are used to ensure that only the part under treatment will ever be exposed, and the rest of the body will be covered by the towels to keep you warm and comfortable at all times.


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