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Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder Stretches for breaking down adhesions in the Coracobrachialis with fixed arm Elbow Rotations – If you have trouble getting the palm of your hand behind your back then your tendons are probably tight at the front of your shoulder. Try this exercise with your palm flat against the wall at shoulder height and rotate your elbow 40 to 60 times. The movement will break down fascial restrictions in the bicep tendons, coracobrachialis tendon and pectoralis minor attachments at the coracoid process. met will also loosen up the tricep tendon attachment at the lateral edge of the scapula. If you want to improve your thoracic extension and increase flexibility on extension of the shoulder with internal rotation then incorporate this into your stretching routine. View the other shoulder stretches on the website for an all-over upper body loosen-up.

Levator Scapula stretch with a fixed shoulder

If you suffer with pain from your shoulder blade to the back of your neck it may be that your levator scapula muscle is tight. Fixing the shoulder blade by holding on to the underside of a chair can help you get a deeper stretch into the levator scapula. Take your head into forward flexion, and tilt your chin slightly towards the shoulder of the side you are stretching. Applying very gentle pressure with your free hand to the top of the head will deepen the stretch a little bit further. Combine this with other shoulder stretches to reduce tension and pain in the joint.



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